Apparel & Leather Technics Pvt Ltd

Apparel & Leather Technics Pvt Ltd

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as pioneers in the field of Industrial Sewing, Knitting and Finishing machines. We have set up thousands of factories for the manufacture of a variety of sewing products on turn key basis.

ALT Pvt. Ltd represent the top line manufacturers of the world in the field of Apparel Machinery like  VERTEX  from UK,  EASTMAN from USA, AMP PISSANI from ITALY,  PERFECTA from Germany, HASHIMA  from Japan, BROTHER from JAPAN, YAMATO JAPAN, SWANTEX from CHINA,  CORNELLY from BELGIUM,   BOWE from GERMANY,  GUTOS from ITALY,  BUFA from GERMANY etc.

The ALT Group expanded its activities from machine suppliers to offering training at the ALT Training College, which were established in many parts of the country and soon the ALT Group  became an integrated part of the Apparel, Knitwear and Leather Industry and focused on turn key projects for products ranging from ready made Garments, Knitwear, Shoe and Leather goods, Dolls & Toys, Tarpaulins and industrial goods and a variety of end products.

The last 44 years of our association with the industry has been dedicated to quality and productivity, which  have become the foremost points for success, to be able to compete in the International Market  and get a reasonable world market share.  Today India’s Market  share is only 6% of the world market  and we are only at the tip of the Iceberg having a whole new horizon in front of us across the globe.

Students of the ALT Training College are competing in  all developed countries in the world. Countries across the globe are coming to ALT for technical assistance to be able to produce quality products at internationally acceptable prices.

ALT has its Corporate Office at Bangalore with a strong nation wide sales and service Branch office at Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Mumbai, New Delhi, Tirupur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Kanpur & Indore.

We will continue to work and strive to make India a formidable force in the Apparel Business with the aim to get a market share proportionate to its resources and manpower. 

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  • Kaikondanahalli Sarjarpur Road
    Near Bellandur Gate, Carmelaram Post
    Bangalore Urban District, Karnataka 560 035
  • Phone: +91-80-64517209
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Key Personnel :

MR. MADHU KAPOOR                       : 09845061958

MR. MOHAN, BANGALORE               : 09880047817

MR. RAMAN KHANNA, NEW DELHI  : 09873414490

MR. SANJEEV, MUMBAI                      : 09833281810