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Our idea is to get everyone into the water. Promising athletes who need to develop their talent. The champions en route to the finish line. Regular swimmers during their regular training sessions. That is why we produce unparalleled swimming outfits. That is why we support the athletes, clubs and federations, and we sponsor events worldwide.
Everyone finds his personal inspiration to get into the water. Do something good for his body. To witness a legendary performance in the pool. Wanting to break his own record. Do the exercises you can do all his life. Immerse yourself in an aquatic playground in which it is possible to unlock its potential. The inspirer of Horst Dassler was Mark Spitz. During the 1972 Olympics, Spitz has made history by winning seven Olympic gold medals and setting a world record in the seven events. A year later, in 1973, Dassler created Arena with swimming competition held at the cutting edge of technology. He knew it was possible to better equip swimmers, and he recruited world-class athletes to study ways to improve their performance. The result was a revolutionary lightweight material called Skinfit, designed to fit the swimmer's body like a second skin.
Forty years later, we are still true to this dream. We work with research centers, universities, and athletes to find how to swim better and faster. The design and materials of our outfits are constantly changing. 2009 Times Magazine ranked our Power Skin X-Glide among the 50 Best Inventions of the Year. In 2012 we reached a new threshold in swimming wear technology with the Carbon-Pro Powerskin. Today we have expanded our capacity for innovation to meet the needs of all members of the swimmers and water sports community.
We support your inspiration day after day, month after month, year after year.

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