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Tintex adopts Brückner finishing line for knits

The textile company Tintex has joined hands with the system supplier and stenter producer Bruckner. The two have worked out a unique solution to achieve new effects with the knitted fabric. Tintex has won a prize for the fabric produced on the new line. Bruckner is recognised as world leader in the finishing of extremely sensitive knitted fabric.


Tintex has been supported actively by Bruckner in the venture. When discussing this step into the future, the companies could work out a new and revolutionary line concept.


The stenter offers undisputably unbeatable advantages particularly regarding the requirements to temperature uniformity in the treatment of synthetic fibre blends due to the counter principle and other constructive measures.

In the entry and in the exit of the machine there are, however, two special features. The entry stand of the stenter integrates a newly developed special coating unit. It allows applying of stable and instable foams as well as pastes by means of a screen application unit. It takes only a few steps to change over to a knife-over-cylinder coating system.

In this process the upper draw roller is used as coating cylinder. This allows somewhat higher application weights for stable foam and pastes in case of more stable fabric.


The exit integrates a laminating/embossing calendar, offering also the possibility to provide an electrical shortwave infra-red radiator, a directly coated highly elastic knitted fabric with a shagreen by means of an embossing paper.

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