AMSilk and Gruschwitz to develop products using Biosteel fibre

Amsilk high performance materials

AMSilk, an industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers, has announced a new strategic partnership with the leading yarn producer GruschwitzTextilwerke AG. This partnership aims to strengthen the already existing three-year cooperation and enable further innovation in the field of high-performance yarns.

AMSilk is a young, dynamic company with a great product. After years of research and development, AMSilk in 2013 became the first company to successfully produce synthetic silk fibres using a patented and reproducible biotechnological process. “This breakthrough yielded Biosteel fabric, the first high-performance bionic fibre with true environmental integrity,” the company explains.Compared to traditional fibres, Biosteel fibre is said to offer superior performance properties: it is extremely tough, lightweight (offering weight reductions of 30% compared to common fibres), anti-allergenic, highly breathable and moisture wicking. Biosteel material is already being used across the apparel industries, according to the manufacturer.Strong partners AMSilk first began working with GruschwitzTextilwerke AG in 2014 in order to continue developing and commercializing Biosteel fibres. Among Gruschwitz's recent innovations are a special coating technology used for extremely resilient offshore ropes made of DSM Dyneema and sophisticated yarns for Johnson & Johnson, a global player in medical textiles.

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