Anita and Lise Charmel get the MarediModa Creative Excellence Award



Anita and Lise Charmel, two driving global brands in the beachwear and lingerie industry, will get the prestigious MarediModa Creative Excellence Award on the event of the 15thedition of MarediModa Cannes, from 8 to 10 November 2016. 
The MarediModa Creative Excellence Award is an acknowledgment ascribed to global brands, that have manufactured and merged a picture of incredibleness as the years progressed.
"We are managing two upright cases of organizations making the historical backdrop of the beachwear and lingerie, obvious models both of value and culture of the item with a one of a kind custom " - underlines Mr. Marco Borioli, President of MarediModa. Anita and Lise Charmel have been selected for the enthusiasm and the inventiveness they exemplify. " 
Anita was established in Dresden in 1886; this year it commends its 130thbirthday. This is a brand which is most broadly perceived for the wearability and the contemporaneity of its manifestations, a pioneer in the generation of specialized shapewear and activewear. Alongside Rosa Faia Anita, it garments awe-inspiring ladies with uncomparable style and inaccessible item designing.
Lise Charmel is a main form mark in extravagance underwear and beachwear together with Eprise, Epure, Antinea and Antigel. It was set up 40 years back as a bodice fitting, it has turned into a worldwide brand for the refinement and style of its things turning into a genuine symbol of tastefulness.
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