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Ashapura Intimates launches new male oriented brand “TRICCI”

Ashapura Intimates launches new male oriented brand “TRICCI”.

Mumbai: Ashapura Intimates Fashion ltd. one of the largest manufacturers of relax wear in the world announced launch of men, boys and toddlers brand “TRICCI”.
“TRICCI” captures the essence of the inner souls of men, boys and toddlers. The brand reflects the style statement; lifestyle & attitude of the jetsetters who like to have fun and are always up for the extraordinary in life. With the phenomenal success that the company has received in its flagship “Valentine” brand, which has primarily focused on the women category, the company has taken a bold step to enter into the USD 25+Bn Menswear market in India with a new focused brand.

Talking about “TRICCI”, Mr. Harshad Thakkar, Chairman of AIFL commented: “Over the past decade, Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd. has emerged as the pioneer of loungewear & sleep wear in India through its brand Valentine. TRICCI was ideated to bring a dedicated brand for mens and boys wear in India. The brand will ensure superior quality and fashionable styles to meet the evolving tastes of today's men and boys. The same distribution network along with new additional distributors focused on Men's category would be used to offer this new segment of apparels, which we are confident, will improve the company's overall revenues and margins over a long term period. We are extremely excited about this new launch in the journey of our company.”

Ashapura Intimates Fashion Ltd (AIFL) is a fashion house that designs, brands, markets and retails intimate garments for men, women and children. Its products consist of lounge wear, bridal night wear, honeymoon sets, bathrobes and night wear. AIFL also offers sports wear, women's inner wear, including lingerie. The company is headquartered out of Mumbai

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