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Beware! Christmas is coming

Online Fraud is surely on the rise and the same surely reaches a new high during the festivities.Owing to which the UK retailers are expected to see a dangerous spike in online criminal activity in the run up to Christmas, which this year is set to see the busiest online trading ever seen.

Over 20 million cyber attacks are expected to target online retailers and shoppers in the UK alone across the last quarter of the year, as has been predicted by agencies who intend to give protection to the portals against online fraud. If predictions are to be believed then large retailers will see huge transaction peaks with up to ten times the daily average on key shopping days, which presents a huge target for hackers.

Attacks will be on transactions with a 70 percent higher than average ticket size and boot attacks are predicted to equal legitimate ecommerce customer traffic during key attack spikes. Sources predict that this Christmas will surely be a fraudsters favourite, as the number of online shoppers increases this holiday season, there will be a greater probability of loot across the lingerie portals.

Over the last 90 days, the companies have already recorded 130 million attempted attacks, representing a 40% from the same quarter in 2015. This data strongly indicates that the final quarter of the year, in the run up to the Christmas holiday period, is likely to see more attacks on online business than ever before.

But the attacks as the sources reveal with a warning to the UK lingerie retailers will surely be 60% more than the attacks that hit the portals last year during the same time. 

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