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Brightline comes closer to their retailers with an app

Brightline comes closer to their retailers with an app

Brightline has always been at the forefront for their innovations and new ideas, started by Raj Garment in 1994, the brand has ever since been a pioneer for change. Brightline has recently worked upon their path ahead and have got a little bit more closer to their business partners. In an attempt to get closer to the retailers and wholesellers, brand Brightline has introduced an app that can now connect them to their supply chain better through a click.

Brightline understood the ongoing potential problems that a brand faces while connecting and bringing their new collections to the stores and to the notice of the wholesellers and retailers. They understood how much cumbersome the process is when their agents have to introduce products at the market level.


Analysing this scenario, Brightline has planned to connect to their market through an app, wherein the retailers or the wholesellers and even the consumers can browse and check the latest offerings from the brand. But its only the retailers and wholesellers, who will be able to place an query and order for the products they require. This way they will be able to connect to the brand smoothly round the year. Regular app notification from the brand will also be there to keep the market well informed about the latest collection launched.

This app is an exclusive and a first in the industry which will operate only on the B2B level, by connecting brand Brightline to their potential market and they are hopeful that this will take them to zones and areas in the country that were completely untapped till now due to logistical issues.

Also the owners are hopeful that the retailers will now be more savvy while selling their products as they will now be able to refer the app to their customers, who can browse through the entire catalogue of the brand and choose the best from the collections on the basis of price and style. So when they visit the store, they will know what to ask for. This will cut down the time and will increase the efficiency of purchase too.

The app is now available on Playstore for download and will soon be ready for the ios platform too.


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