News on the goBusi Giovanni unveils BUSI 500 DOPPIO

Busi Giovanni unveils BUSI 500 DOPPIO

A single cylinder sock knitting machine

Italian sock knitting machine manufacturer Busi Giovanni has completed the development of a new version of its BUSI 500 machine as BUSI 500 DOPPIO, with a 5" diameter, one feed, available in 52 to 96 needle formats.

This model can work out true rib, exactly like double-cylinder machines, in such a heavy gauge, beyond patterns in three colours per course plus ground, terry sections or full-terry socks and double-welt socks. It can also combine the double welt with a true-rib sock structure.

BUSI 500 DOPPIO : is a single cylinder sock knitting machine with latch needles in the dial giving the possibility of knitting socks with broad rib and terry. The terry device enables the machine to produce sandwich terry and to fully automatic switch from plain stitch to half terry and to full terry.

The technical features provide the BUSI 500 DOPPIO machine with a combination of possibilities that are not available in any double-cylinder models.

Some of the available options on this machine include:

• RIMAGLIO device for Classic Linking

• Storage feeders

• BTSR yarn flow sensors

• Vertical or horizontal yarn rack

• Production monitoring programme (SK-MON)

• Pattern and article development programme (ART-GEN)

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