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Deepee Twister and Pink 'n' Purple Retailers Conference

Deepee Twister and Pink 'n' Purple is one of the most renowned names in the women's innerwear business, manufacturing superior quality products that are highly applauded in the Indian market because of its comfortability, durability, and availability of wide range of colours. The organizers have been dedicated to making sure the event happens once a year and retailers and distributers have been committed to coming. The event was held at The City Centre, Jaipur on the 2nd of September which commenced at 7 p.m. and ended at 10 p.m.

Since Jaipur is one of their oldest markets, the purpose of the event was to bring the retailers and distributors of Jaipur together and network in the light with the festival of Diwali. Amongst retailers and distributers the Company Chairman – Naveen Kumar Agarwal, Managing Director – Chetan Agarwal, VP Marketing – Tushar Agarwal, Rajasthan Agent also attended the event.


Straight knitted fabric pants was showcased and introduced at the event. Dinner was organised for the people who attended the show as a thank-you to the retailers and the exhibitors for being there. The annual retailers meet saw an even higher footfall than last year and was much appreciated amongst the attendees.


"The event went very well. The new product showcased is really good. Deepee Twister as a brand is growing very well, as customers really appreciate the brand and the products they have to offer. The feedback has been good. The quality of their products are up to mark."  - Lokesh Jain, Bulbul Enterprises.


"The event was perfect. I really enjoyed myself. I liked the product that was unveiled. Pink 'n' Purple products are very good and so is their market placement. Customers are satisfied with their products. I really liked the event venue ambiance, food being served and the presentation put by the team." - Rishabh Garg, Garg Agency.


"The dinner experience was amazing. Really enjoyed the food. I got to interact with  a lot of people from the retail and distributer field. The straight knitted fabric pants shown at the event is made out of really good quality and hence I placed a bulk order. Twister has been selling for a long time now so I have no complaints. The distributers here are very nice. Consumers who have purchased their products always come back again for more. I was extremely satisfied with the presentation at the event.”  Pushpendra Verma, Fashion Q. 


"The food was excellent and so was the event. Deepee Twister is very good. The Straight knitted fabric pants shown will achieve a good response in the market."- Vikas Bhootna,   Super Shoppee.      

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