Divine: Making Bra cups Breathable!

Two-three years back, when Mr. V.K. Bajaj saw this dream of setting up a factory in India to manufacture bra cups, little did he imagine or even assume how difficult the path ahead will be. While he was planning on setting up his own factory set up, he made visits to China, Taiwan, Korea and Srilanka just to observe the manufacturing facilities overseas. And during this observatory phase, he was quite positive regarding putting on his own set up. 
Eventually Mr. V.K. Bajaj joined hands with Mr. Raju Kotak and Raju Malhotra to begin manufacturing the foam bra cup pads with their own machine set up in Mumbai at the Shri g k Khapoli factory. At the beginner stage when Mr. Bajaj began to manufacture the cups, he was struck with immense misfortune in terms of failure in quality produce, logistics problem and then were the initial production glitches. But the entrepreneur didn't let his dream take a backseat.
Instead he started travelling to China, Taiwan and Korea to procure foam samples that some industry expert a few months back had informed him would be helpful for him in the longer run. The rest is history, as in no time Mr. Bajaj was equipped to bring his own brand manufactured in his own factory unit, here in Mumbai. 
Pushing India forward, the Divine brand foam cups today are known for their  finesse and at every juncture adds International brand value to the bras they are stitched into. Mr. Bajaj today proudly owns 60 machines and has a dream of reaching to a 200 machine target in the time to come. Divine today manufactures foam cups for the bra in a size range that spans across 28 to 44, to perfectly fit the Indian women.
Not only is Divine manufacturing the best quality foam cups, but Mr. Bajaj is also equally concerned to manufacture the same in fabrics that are not only comfortable for the wearer but is also 'breathable'. Owing to the world class appeal of the foam cups and their availability at an affordable price, Divine foam cups are today in use by a range of renowned lingerie brands: Tipsy, Lavian, MyBra, Romance, Bodycare etc.


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