Divine: Moulding Bra cups with prowess

Divine: Moulding Bra cups with prowess


After  much research and travel to countries like China, Taiwan and Korea to procure foam samples, Mr. V.K. Bajaj not only brought back sensibilities of manufacturing foam cups to India but also came back with the undefeated dream to set up his own factory for the manufacture of foam bra cups.

At the start, when Mr. Bajaj began to manufacture the cups, he was struck with immense misfortune in terms of failure in quality produce, logistics problem and then were the initial production glitches. But moving through those hurdles, he claimed to the industry that he has arrived. And once he had his grips tightened, he set out to scrutinise and streamline the manufacturing process even further for the better.

Pushing India ahead, the Divine brand foam cups today are known for their  finesse and at every juncture adds International brand value to the bras they are stitched into. Mr. Bajaj is walking closer to his dream of 200 machines equipped manufacturing unit as he confidently mentions that Divine will reach the 102 machine mark by this Diwali. Divine today manufactures almost 15000 foam cups for the bra everyday in a size range that spans across 28 to 44, to perfectly fit the Indian women. This production standard is certainly a breakthrough and quite a remarkable achievement. As another step forward he has introduced hydraulic cup cutting machines to smoothen the process even further and replace cutting manually. Apart from this at Divine we have perfected the material and the dyeing processes too. We are presently working with microfiber and the same does not fade or get the yellowish tone which is a common when you bring in cups from outside India. On quality parameters Divine is scoring high, by bringing foam of International standards for the Indian market that was completely absent in the market until now. this superior quality foams strengthen the cups and does not allow them to break or bend under any circumstance and brings in maximum comfort to the women.

Not only is Divine manufacturing the best quality foam cups, but Mr. Bajaj is also equally concerned to manufacture the same in fabrics that are not only comfortable for the wearer but is also 'breathable'. Owing to the world class appeal of the foam cups and their availability at an affordable price, Divine foam cups are today in use by a range of renowned Indian lingerie brands and the Divine family is only growing in leaps and bounds every passing day.


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