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Enkay will glorify you summer mood with this exciting new range

Enkay will glorify you summer mood with this exciting new range

In 1986, K.G. Enterprises ventured into the business of manufacturing swimwear. Mr.Nand Badlani identified and took upon the market gap for quality swimwear by launching 'Enkay'. Whether it was the skirt-shaped swimwear for young girls or a lycra-based single piece swimsuit for women - Enkay laid down many precedents in the swimwear category. Like every year Enkay has a bag full of surprises for the consumers to woo them this season.

This new catalogue for Enkay showcases their brand's, new swimwear range which is crafted from the finest quality fabrics. This new range is sexy, trendy, comfortable and colourful and includes swimwear crafted from Nylon Spandex fabric for women, men and children.

The cover features a complete family photo that shows a man, woman and two children set out for a swim time. The serene blue background of the cover is inviting and relaxing and immediately transforms you to a zone wherein you are ready to set sail under the sun in the new Enkay collection.  

Enkay offers a wide range of products when it comes to the swimwear category that includes one piece swimsuit, A line frock with knee length tights, shorts and diving suits for men and short style printed & plain, frock style plain &printed, frock style printed with Tights with sleeves & without sleeves, girls bodysuit and boys – shorts with combination, Shorts with Photo Print, Cycling shorts with combination, Diving Suit etc

Reviewing a few products from the latest catalogue shoot.

Noody 8 - The subtle light blue horizontal stripe pattern in short style makes this design a favourite with men who are ready to plunge deep in style. The tight boxer like style of this series and specially this piece is highlighted with style by the clever use of a zip pocket. Pattern, short fit, zip, and bold colour, what else do you need to make a flattering men's swimwear.

Scorpio 24 - This piece is part of the new range of cycling shorts by Enkay, The series is known for their superior quality and superb designs and styles. This particular style is plain black in colour with matching designs on the sides. The wavy and block yellow zone of this shorts makes it for an exciting piece and just the right shorts you need for the summers this season.

Scorpio 18 - This article is a casual splash in your swimwear wardrobe and what every man would consider as a staple for the summers. The bold black feel of colour of the shorts is exciting enough to sweat it out in the shorts and the side panels in red and white is just the right mix of style you deserve.

Spicy Girl 6- Short style with combination in plain, this piece from the Spicy Girl series is red in colour. With a hint of black on the sleeveless portion, makes this outfit a hot favourite with women hitting the pool in style. A long zip on the front of the one piece swimsuit adds that hint of seduction and style to this envious swimsuit from the house of Enkay.

Monalisa 16 - This swimsuit falls nothing short of becoming the timeless piece in a woman's wardrobe. Frock style with and without sleeves, is the basic characteristic of this series and this article in polka dot, frock style will instantly get you ready for your next vacation to the beach.

Babyloonie 6- This series is known for its special half plain with combination style and its printed short style suits for girls with and without sleeves. This particular piece in the collection stands out because of its superb magenta colour and that plays a sweet chemistry with the black touch on the top and sides of the costume.

Zodiac 8- The Zodiac series is known for its range of beautiful plain shorts with combination designs on the sides. This particular from the series presents itself in bright red colour and is ready to pamper the big man of the family with a patch of multi colour abstract design on the sides.

Pogo 21- Perfect for sporty activities, this cycling shorts for the naughty brat of your home will help him to figure out his day by staying quite in ease.  This series is known for its superior take on plain single colours along with a combination of smart childish patterns. This piece in red is ready with thin diagonal side stripes in black to complement the kid's fashion wardrobe.

With a vibrant colour palette of light pastels for women and girls and dark brown, maroon and other darker shades for men and boys. Enkay also has some floral and bright prints in the collection  for the upcoming season. The collection is available at the price range of : Men - LUXURY LINE RANGE ABOVE RS.600, Women - LUXURY LINE RANGE ABOVE RS.1300 and Kids-   SPORTY DIVING. RANGE ABOVE RS.1200. 

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