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Fabriclore: Narrating fabric stories

Fabriclore: Narrating fabric stories


Amidst a sea of factory stitched clothing that is all around us, the good old approach of custom design and fit was something that Fabriclore felt was getting buried for years now. "We realized that stitched apparel, furnishings and accessories have taken over us all and they sure do bring quick-fix to our busy lives. But when our curiosity got in touch with fabric retailers in much deeper cultural corners of India, we found that people constantly explore their rather unexpressed bohemian taste of style in such corners, and stitched apparel can't fill this huge gap. In fact, there are so many of us who have such a zealous appetite for creativity when it comes to all things fabric," mentioned Sandeep Sharma, Founder, Fabriclore.


He further added,"People do want freedom to choose fabric, patterns and mix that with their imagination! Simple to complex, plain to designer, traditional to fusion and whatever you could ever think of. And that’s how the idea of fabriclore surfaced."


The Fabriclore initiative


 The name Fabriclore is a fusion of two dictionary words, Fabric – cloth produced by weaving or knitting textile fibres & Lore – A body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.


Fabriclore standing true to its name, brings about fabrics from untouched cultural corners of India. And this is only possible owing to their years of expertise and knowhow about fabrics. Curating fabrics from every unexplored corner of India is just the beginning and in no time they want to become the most sougfht after marketplace for fabrics. Making custom made fabrics and designers swatches available from the website.


"Our target audience are just not retail consumer but also boutique owners, designers and even apparel design houses to a large extent," comments Sandeep Sharma.


Addressing the problems


The fabric industry (traditional Indian crafted fabrics) have almost lost the retail customers over the last couple of years. The problem is rather severe in metro cities but the trend is also trickling down to tier B cities. On the other hand the Boutiques rely on customised, limited edition fabrics which they source on their own and manufacturers are increasingly relying on bulk order from apparel houses.


The industry has also been traditionally unorganized especially in the cultural/craft based fabric domain. There is no one source of retail chain which is able to provide, the large scale curated range an online store can offer. That’s where fabriclore is filling the gap.


"We source it from manufacturers who have traditionally been keepers of certain fabric crafts and methods and are presently located in western states of India. We are not covering fabrics that are strictly meant for contemporary formal clothing as that space is very much dominated by biggies. So in effect we are also committed to promoting niche fabric manufacturers and provide them the centre stage they deserve by bringing them an organized, high-impact platform. We would also like to keep ourselves at bay from open marketplace model which has become a de-facto business model for e-commerce. Curated, alternative or bohemian fabric would remain our forte in times to come," Sandeep Sharma addressed.


 A decent start in April this year and Fabriclore is already far too busy with orders and is ecstatic about the attention they are fetching. They are proudly flaunting their exclusives in prints, polka's, indigo, dyes, stripes and the list goes on. And are too happy to fulfill every personal and bulk order with equal ease. That's what we call taking one step at a time towards a steady growth. 

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