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Flipkart uses digital media to grow customer base

Flipkart's push on personalised ads and digital media push signals a new thought process emerging, which goes beyond discounting. E-commerce company Flipkart, one of the first successful startups in India, is now looking at acquiring new users and growing the market with personalised digital marketing push, to widen its lead against rival Amazon. Flipkart has also tied up with the leading US-based video personalization platform Adgreetz to push contextual advertisement.

Adgreetz, popular for its association with companies like McDonals, Etihad, HBO, and Warner Brothers, has created over 100,000 personalized videos targeted at 60 different customer categories that Flipkart has identified based on geography, browsing pattern, payment behaviour, and so on.

The e-tailer has over 100 million registered customers, and over 70 per cent of its business comes
from the mobile app.

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