Increased revenues and profits for CIFRA

One of the world’s leading companies for 3D HI-Tech knitwear production that is based on revolutionary WKS technology, CIFRA is seeing continuous rise in revenues and profits. 

The production has seen a rise by 72 per cent…from previous € 7,552,804 to current € 13,000,787, post the approval of the 2017 budget. The EBTDA has also increased from €524,491 to € 2,413,335.

The results are a long and deep ‘Made in Italy’ work in innovation and research that hardly leave any room for doubts. These figures went on to become a reference point for the clothing and textile sector. 

Cesare Citterio, CEO at  Cifra Spa said that due to a exclusive know-how and a daily production capacity of 10,000 pieces Cifra has become a leading business for production and design volumes. He added that the new 2017 investments in equipment and technology have consolidated Cifra’s position and these investments will continue this year as well. Cifra can develop new customised models daily for leading brands in the fashion and sports segments because of the design department that is equipped with ten CAD units. Their customers include Lululemon, Adidas, Calzedonia, Wolford, and new ones this year such as GAP and Armour, due to the athleisure trend Citterio added. Besides, Cifra’s expects a rise of 10 per cent. 

Research at Cifra is mainly focused on innovative fibres that are bio-based, natural and recycled in view of the increasingly important issue of environmental sustainability.  

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