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India Seems To Grow It's Textile Market in South Africa

India wants to increase textile and apparel exports to Africa. India represents herself as a investment destination and  global sourcing hub carving a niche globally for handcrafted goods and showcasing the growth potential of technical textile .

India wants to increase textile and apparel exports to Africa.

South Africa id the company's biggest market in the African continent. South African  independent retailers, home textile and soft furnishing buyers , chain store buyers, boutique owners, wholesalers, agents, importers and other industry professionals are intrested in Indian products particularly fashion garments, embroidery, sequins, beadwork and the hand washes that India is famous for.

In Nigeria , India has set up an apparel training centre. This will rebuild the cotton and textile value chain of Nigeria. In South Africa, India is recognised as one of the best sourcing destinations for textiles, leather, garments and footwear. India is the largest producer of jute, the second largest producer of cotton, silk and cellulosic fiber, the third largest producer of raw cotton and the fourth largest producer of synthetic fiber.

There is growing investment by Indian companies in Africa on a range of sectors such as agriculture,  floriculture, telecommunications, coal, IT, hydrocarbons, manufacturing, water treatment and supply, drugs and pharmaceuticals, automobiles and textiles. 

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