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Indian Govt working on new consumer protection act: PM, consumer rights India

Indian Govt working on new consumer protection act: PM

India is in the process of enacting a new consumer protection act, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said inaugurating the International Conference on Consumer Protection for East, South and South-East Asian countries in New Delhi on October 26. He said the goods and services tax (GST) would lead to price moderation and direct benefits for the poor.

India was among the first few nations to legislate a Consumer Protection Act in 1986, just a year after adoption of UN guidelines on the issue.

The proposed act lays emphasis on consumer empowerment, simplified rules for redressal of grievances in a time-bound manner with the least possible cost and stringent provisions against misleading advertisements, said Modi. A central consumer protection authority with executive

powers will also be constituted for fast remedial action, according to the text of his speech released by his office.

The Prime minister also made a pitch for a strong regulatory framework and information sharing to safeguard consumer interest owing to growing cross-border e-commerce transactions. A framework for cooperation is also necessary to expeditiously act in cases related to consumers from other countries, he added.

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