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Indian leader in digital textile printing Colorjet targeted the South East Asian market at ITMA Asia


Indian leader in digital textile printing Colorjet targeted the South East Asian market at ITMA Asia


After having installed a massive number of digital printing machines in India, the country's biggest digital printer manufacturer, ColorJet Group with an intention to expand its footprint in the South Asian markets participated at ITMA Asia held in Shanghai this October.


Colorjet Group which also operates a manufacturing facility in China offers digital textile printing machines with efficient engineering and innovative technologies. By participating at ITMA Asia, the Group expects to repeat its success in the Indian market in other countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia, while also making deeper inroads into China.


The Metro achieves production speed of up to 362 sq. metres per hour, and is upgradable up to 16 print heads for achieving the top speed. The high speed is achieved through specially designed jetting controls to optimise print heads performance, to match the high jetting frequency.


Compatible to work with all types of inks like reactive, disperse and pigment, the METRO weaves magic on a variety of fabrics. It can print on any kind of fabric, ranging from 0.1mm to 30mm including cotton, polyester, silk, viscose, wool, nylon, acetate and various blended fabrics.


Automatic temperature control enables print heads to deliver the same print results, while specially integrated VPC technology, ensures smooth flow of inks for uninterrupted production runs. Visitors will be able to witness how the Metro has been synchronised and engineered specifically to produce the best results with reactive inks.

“Since its launch at ITMA 2015 in November 2015, the METRO has made inroads in to our home market in India, as well as other countries like Australia, parts of Africa, UAE, Sri Lanka, etc,” Mr Pawan Gupta, CEO at ColorJet Group said.


“With awesome scalable properties, this printer can suit all the needs of the textile printing business and ensures the least payback period and is capable of meeting the ever changing requirements,” he added.


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