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Interfiliere Shanghai brought in galore of  trends and styles to their 12th edition

Interfiliere shanghai


The 12th edition of Interfiliere Shanghai was concluded with a resounding success on Oct.13, 2016. The show sustained a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere and continued to serve as an indispensable leading business platform and reference for the bodywear industry. The 2-day trade show maintained a balanced and scrupulous selection on exhibitors from fabrics, lace, embroidery, accessories, OEM/ODM, machinery, textile designers, trend offices and press & fashion services.

Professionals highly acclaimed the show for the inspirations and innovations it had brought. Both exhibitors and visitors expressed their great satisfaction on the exceptional quality and organization of the show.

“For Penn Textile Solutions, Interfiliere Shanghai 2016 was a great success. The team had nearly 60 contacts in two days which were mainly from China Mainland but as well some from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, India or ASEAN areas. The fair was as always well organized and taking place in a good and professional atmosphere," expressed Thomas Siemens meyer, CEO of Penn Textile Solutions GmbH.

Eric Ciceron, Les Tissages Perrin also explained, "Our second participation to Interfiliere Shanghai has been really positive. We have been able to reinforce our relationships with existing consumers and meet with new potentials customers. The synergy of the French Pavilion has help us succeed during this edition as well as the Interfeel’Areward in regards to our weaving know-how.”

The Athleisure Prototype Show arrived at Interfiliere

Shanghai for the very first time, successfully expressed the evolution of athleisure in a dynamic and energetic ambience. Thanks to the contribution of the exhibitors – Baikai, Carvico, Chanty, Creoa, Eurojersey, Hong Gang Textile, Hung Yen, Iluna/ Gayou, Liberty Tex, Penn Textile Solutions and Tengfei, every piece of the samples inspired the audiences by the versatile quality, exquisite designs and techniques, ingenious integration with elements such as lace, embroidery and high-tech, demonstrating the latest innovation and know-how applied in the booming athleisure market.


The Trend Forum

Under a delicate setting of alluring lampshades decorated with fabrics and lace, the Trend Forum presented a preview of Summer 2018 with 3 themes:

Body Desire - Erotic symbolism beyond black lace. Very strong visual impact using large scales, placements and high contrast. Luxury surfaces, trims and lush satins.

Body Delight - Lightweight evolution with a strong focus on upmarket looks for everyday lingerie, combining high technology with fashion appeal.

Body Rhythms - A cheerful mix of real active, beach and Athleisure fabrics focussed on precise end use and technical innovation.

Each exhibits showcased the evolution of bodywear market and the technology advancement of fabrics, which attracted great attention from the visitors.

Innovation Forum

Following  the  success  debut  in  Shanghai  last  year,  the  Mouv’ Innovation Forum once again  proved to be a  not-to-miss feature highlighting adaptability and performance in the activewear market. In partnership with the Federation de la Maille et de la Lingerie, the forum shone a spotlight on five sports areas: Swimming, Yoga, Fitness, Cycling and Running. It revealed the advanced technology and technical solutions in terms of the fabrics application in sportswear market. Meanwhile, the forum also brought inspirations from sectors beyond bodywear industries, such as 3D printed silk, boxer-shorts with protect 

against harmful waves, a wallet using electromagnetic induction for wireless phone-charging, shoes made from recycled oyster-shells.

In the meantime, it was a full house of audiences in each conferences and seminars during the 2 days. The attendees highly appreciated the expertise of the speakers and speeches which provided in-depth insights and forecast on trends and needs of the market.

During the workshop programs, participants proactively engaged in discussions, brainstormed and sought for solutions. One of the participants, Christy Leung, the Creative Designer of Triumph said “Itwas a nice experience to attend the workshop as it provides interesting advice for creative designers. I think it is even better for someone who are not familiar with how trend story / collection is planed / designed. They can get the idea from the workshop as it is quite insightful!”

In a dedicated ceremony area at the show, 6 exhibitors were announced as the winners of the Interfeel’ Awards. The jury recognized their remarkable contrition to the industry which has been bringing innovation and added-value in the market. Each winners expressed their gratitude for the awards presentation and commitments to be continuously innovative and to maintain their professionalism.

Embroidery: LIBERTY TEX

Founded in Taiwan area in 1980, LIBERTY TEX is a leading supplier of embroidered fabrics, trimmings and accessories. It provides ideal materials for intimate apparel, dresses, evening wear, bridal gowns, children's wear and home decoration accessories. The company offers the customers the most innovative embroidery at competitive prices.

The company was rewarded for its impressive technique and level of modernity. It has an excellent combination of printing, guipure, embroidery which creates a perfect result.


Founded in 1990, TAKEFAST TEXTILE LTD is a Hong Kong based company focused on developing and manufacturing elastic bands which meet the requirements of the domestic and international intimate apparel market.

The company was rewarded for its useful and functional innovation that corresponds perfectly to athleisure (sport and on a daily basis). Its featured products owns a reflective and fluorescent appearance that gives character to the material.


SHANTOU NEW PARTNER TEXTILES was rewarded for its very delicate and light material. It has a very consistent collection with a well achieved incrustation effect and satiny effect.


Penn Textile Solutions is an internationally-minded company with the expertise to develop and produce innovative textiles for a wide variety of customers. Their production consists of warp and weft knitting machines, with fully vertical dyeing and finishing, giving the fabric performance and design.

The company was rewarded for its consistent collection of delicate and specialized material adapted to shapewear. The mix of cotton is an interesting innovation. A very delicate and lively material. The collection offers technical material with different effects: gradation, transparency, opacity… it also has impressive work with jacquard.

Special Loungewear Award: BE BE COTTON KNITTING

Founded in 1974, Be Be Cotton Knitting value the harmonious relations with the earth’senvironment; and ensures the safety and sustainable development of their products and the industries. Bebe Cotton is a vertical integrated company; they are specializing in pattern designing, knitting, dyeing and finishing processes vertically on their own.

The company was rewarded for its soft and delicate quality material adapted to loungewear. Some types of material combine naturality and ecology. Sustainable development which the company takes into consideration is much appreciated.


Les Tissages Perrin, an important name in weaving, brings together a unique network of talents, techniques and technologies in the Rhône Alpes region, the seat of the family business. The company promotes creativity and strives for excellence in all of their many markets, products and developments. The company provides ideal materials for accessories, ready to wear, lingerie and swimwear.

The company was rewarded for its lovely washed silk and lacy effect. It provides a pleasant feel to the material. The global offer is also consistent.

“It was a pleasure for Kewalram attending Shanghai Interfiliere. We are satisfied with the quality of the visitors and the outcomes we have achieved at the show. There is always a room for further improvement and we look forward to be part of the next edition of Shanghai Interfiliere, " commented Mr. Unni, Head of Productions and Marketing (Europe) at Kewalram.

What the visitors mentioned:

“We met many quality OEM/ODMs customers. With the popularity of seamless underwear, we also found some new technology and products, for instance, thermal application," cited Min CHEN, Supervisor of Material Development of Wacoal (China).

Zhihong JIANG, Assistant Director-Production Department of Gujin also remarked, “Eurovet maintained its perceptiveness in intimate apparel market; we could see some new concepts in technology and environmental protection. The contents were not just limited in lingerie area, but also with elements of sports and fashion.”


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