International Cotton Association and Cotton Association of India strengthen collaboration

The International Cotton Association (ICA) and the Cotton Association of India (CAI), recently renewed their collaboration by signing an memorandum of understanding MoU. The MoU was first created in January 2014, when the union was established first acknowledging the alliance between the two bodies.

During CAI's international conference held in Mumbai recently, Mr Bill Ballenden, ICA President and Mr Atul Ganatra, President CAI, renewed the MoU.

This renewed alliance is significant for the trade, as the large majority of international raw cotton contracts are traded under the ICA bylaws and rules and the country is the world leader in production of cotton. According to the ICA, both the bodies are confident that the alliance would benefit the whole industry.   

Mr Ballenden said that signing of the new MoU marked an important evolution of the special relationship that already exists between the ICA and the CAI. A shared desire of, to put sanctity of contract is at the very heart of our Associations, which further enhances the alliance and he added that he looked forward to continuing this evolution in the future as well.

Mr Ganatra stated that the MoU marked an important relationship for CAI, which was as important today as it was during the history of CAI as an Association and that it has become more significant as they approach the their centenary year in 2021.  The two associations would benefit greatly and augment greater cooperation due to the MoU. They can work closely on shared goals such as training and visit programmes, information exchange and dissemination, testing and quality issues, diplomatic initiatives, promoting sanctity of contract, among other things.

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