JUKI AB-1351 is a Single Needle Automatic Belt Loop Attaching Machine

The Juki AB-1351 is the world's first belt-loop attaching machine with the ability to sew seven different sewing patterns. The belt loop sewing shape and sewing size can be easily changed at the operation panel. The unit not only reduces the time required for the belt loop attaching process, but also eliminates the belt loop cutting process previously necessary.

Productivity can be dramatically increased when one operator operates two units. Juki's unique belt loop feeding and folding mechanism helps produce beautifully attached, consistent quality belt loops, with constant sewing dimensions, for casual and dress slacks.

Max. sewing speed :2,500 sti/min, Lift of the work clamp foot : Max. 14mm

Stored bartackingpatterns :Linear bartacking (12,15,21,28,36,41) (stitches) Zigzag bartacking (28,36,42) Bartacking size increment of : Length-wise: 0-3.2mm (0” -1/8”) adjustable in 0.1mm. Cross-wise: 6-23mm (15/16”-57/64”) adjustable in increments of 0.1mm, Number of bartacking patterns: 200 patterns, max. 20,000 stitches in total patterns that can be input: Number of belt loop patterns: 99 patterns, Number of cycle sewing patterns : Number of programs: 20 (30 different patterns can be set within one program)

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