Lace Express by Karl Mayer is the new way to  innovative lace

KARL MAYER’s OJ 59/1 B, which has recently been launched onto the market, shows what can be achieved in this sector, with its long history, when a traditional way of thinking is consistently challenged and unconventional approaches are followed. “We have applied completely new principles to the design, and implemented some extensive, fundamental, new developments,” explained Herbert Lohr, the Head of KARL MAYER’s Warp Knitting Business Unit.

This electronic lace raschel machine is based on a completely new series, known as the LACE.EXPRESS. With its extraordinary performance, this new machine series is aimed specifically at the high-volume market of stylish women’s outerwear. It is designed to complement the TEXTRONIC® Lace and the JACQUARDTRONIC® Lace machines, which will continue to focus on lingerie goods and functional warp knits.

The OJ 59/1 B offers exceptional efficiency when producing large volumes of standard, modern lace and is, therefore, setting the trend in the high-volume, versatile clothing business. The output of this new lace raschel machine may be up to 15% higher than similar machines on the market. Its high productivity and market-optimised price result in a unique cost: benefit ratio. This is based on a maximum speed of 900 min-1 at a working width of 210". And the machine also operates extremely quietly. Its high speed, together with its high operating reliability, results in a level of efficiency that clearly sets the OJ 59/1 B apart from other machines on the market.

The ease of operation and high operating reliability of the OJ 59/1 B enable it to operate with a minimum of intervention and personnel. The new OJ 59/1 B carries KARL MAYER’s LEO® Label, which means that it conserves energy. The LEO® system on this first LACE.EXPRESS machine can reduce energy consumption during operation by up to 40% compared to similar machines on the market. This impressive efficiency in energy usage is the result of some sophisticated design features. Customised technical specifications


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