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LE Textile develops  new stretch warp-knitted textiles

LE Textile, a producer of stretch fabrics and lace for lingerie, swimwear and sportswear, has developed a special collection based on Tencellyocell fibre, for soft, supple handle and better comfort. The same will be on showcase in the upcoming chapter of Interfiliere.

The newly developed soft fabrics are said to offer sustainability advantages, reinforcing the company's commitment towards sustainable materials and production processes. Lace raschel machines and high-speed raschel machines in the RSE series by Karl Mayer are used to produce the environmentally friendly fabrics made from Tencel fibres. According to the company, the use of the top-quality spun yarns with first-rate mechanical properties ensures the manufacturing of this warp-knitted fabric.

The following types of fabrics can be produced from the yarns:

•  Smooth, two-way-stretch fabrics having a dense surface and soft handle, produced on an RSE raschel machine in a gauge of E 28

• Lightweight, all-over-patterned lace produced on a lace raschel machine in a gauge of E 24

• Tulle having two different performance profiles,depending on the percentage of elastane used, and exhibiting a distinct, natural look, also produced on a RSE raschel machine in a gauge of E 28

• Raschel-knitted fabrics with geometric patterns and two-colour effects produced by the package dyeing of polyamide and Tencel

•Fabrics with a ribbed construction on the surface and two-way stretch, produced on an RSE 5 EL in a gauge of E 28

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