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Lenzing explores colours of the season for Spring Summer 2018

There is focus on an environmentally friendly concept, particularly with denim. This will mean less processing of the fabric. The trend for small production, good quality indigo denim worked in interesting ways has come to the forefront of young designers’ collections, focusing on the purity of the denim. New ways of weaving colour and texture into denim is being explored. Based on the concept of purity Lenzing has set forth a few trends for colours in denim for the Spring Summer 2018, here goes the same:

Lightness of Being

The use of grey infused pastels is now combined with intense brights such as lemon yellow and concentrated blues as a base, to throw the pastels into relief. Textiles are soft and extremely light in weight, using fabrics such as textured chiffon and organza to convey a sense of breeziness and movement within the clothes.

Latitude Zero

The textiles replicate lush, high definition close ups of nature and geometrical shapes combined with high intensity, warm colors and decorations that refers to cultures from all around the world. The wide range of references within the patterns represent the unexpected, that arises when cultures meet; old news but more relevant than ever.




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