Licensing gets mainstream in Adult Fashion, Says Euromonitor

Licensing has been finding increased importance in fashion fraternity these days. Same has been captured by a recent Euromonitor study, "Global Licensing Trends in Adult Fashion" Licensing has spread across all aspects of the apparel and footwear business and across all demographics, ages and regions. As fast fashion and athleisure drive growth, fashion house and character collaborations reach new heights.

While adult fashion is diverse in terms of licensing types, character is still one of the biggest licensing types in the industry. Adult-targeted classic characters, appeal benefits from a nostalgia factor, and even some child-orientated franchises are marketed secondarily to adults by creating a "cool" factor around them.

Fast fashion players such as Primark and H&M are highly active in licensing world. Direct-to- retail has enabled Primark to offer trendy DC Comics and Harry Potter licensed merchandise at very low prices, which it would not have been able to do otherwise. It is the largest retailer partner for Harry Potter themed products, while other collections also include Star Wars, Minions, Looney Tunes and Family Guy. In 2016, Primark was Western Europe's third largest apparel brand, up from fourth place in 2013.

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