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Lingerie Brand PrettySecrets to use Intelligence Node to Maximize its Online CompetitivenessLingerie Brand PrettySecrets to use Intelligence Node to Maximize its Online Competitiveness

India’s biggest online lingerie brand gets instant visibility into its market, thanks to retail analytics. Retail analytics and pricing intelligence leader Intelligence Node is delighted to announce that Mumbai-headquartered PrettySecrets, India’s premier lingerie brand, has implemented Intelligence Node’s competitive intelligence solution, Incompetitor.

The aim is to support its online sales, maintain competitive edge, and in the words of the firm’s leader Karan Behal, “the best leading-edge technology” so as to put blue water between itself and its global rivals.

Intelligence Node is a fast growth Retail Analytics company. Its solutions help brands and retailers to optimize their pricing, product and merchandizing operations by using real time data to make better decisions. By tracking over 1 billion unique products across 130,000+ brands over 1,100+ categories, Intelligence Node delivers actionable insights. Applying a combination of Intelligence Node’s big data and retail analytics technology and know-how, retail organisations trade faster and make better decisions daily.

“We have always maintained that the only way to reach the consumer we want and for them to be excited about us, is with the aid of retail analytics,” confirms Behal.

The firm, Intelligence Node also has extensive insight into the US, South East Asia and European markets, enabling it to spot patterns in purchasing long before individual retailers can, while customers love how its cloud services are plug-and-play, accessible from anywhere, anytime, while its easy-to-use user interface is second to none.

PrettySecrets will use Incompetitor to monitor its own and rivals’ catalogue, pricing and promotions progress, right across the entire lingerie online market, allowing Behal and his team to be always fully current on every business day’s range and pricing levels, providing it with the best basis to react to pressure or leverage opportunity.

“Whenever we start to develop and launch a new product, we can research similar products from competition through Intelligence Node so as to derive the optimal set of product parameters,” he confirmed.

“Having the insights derived from use of Incompetitor will allow us to make decisions that should save us a considerable amount of time and money, as it will empower us to make agile decisions, for example to either re-order certain inventory before it goes out of stock, or to quickly take those learnings in to our next clothing range. Intelligence Node will give us an invaluable edge on the competition, he further added.


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what a idea and innovation mind blowing :)

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