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Lycra sets a new standard for comfort with trouser socks

Lycra sets a new standard for comfort with trouser socks

Whether you call them knee-highs or trouser socks, there’s one point all of the women in a recent study agreed upon: they were dissatisfied with the uncomfortable products being offered today. That’s why INVISTA is introducing LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology. This new garment construction is designed to deliver the optimal range of force and compression, which enables knee-highs to stay up without digging into the skin. Best of all, trouser socks made with this technology provide better all-around comfort (regardless of foot and leg size) thanks to LYCRA® fibre.

Knee-high tops with LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology combine secure stay-up power with non-constricting comfort across a wide range of leg sizes. Knee-high tops are frequently a source of discomfort for consumers because knitters generally do not offer a choice of sizes.

To develop LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology, the researchers at Lycra conducted an extensive wear test to correlate force and compression data with subjective reports of comfort and fit by women representing the full range of calf sizes. The result is a proprietary specification for a comfortable top using objective measures, and a band construction that provides non-constricting fit for all leg sizes. Garments that meet the specification offer the premium wear experience that consumers associate with the LYCRA® brand.


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