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Make some space for yak fibre clothing in your wardrobe

Make some space for yak fibre clothing in your wardrobe

Tengri, the first British brand and noble yarn technology specialist to introduce Mongolian yak fibres from the Khangai region to the UK market almost a year back revealed the world about their noble initiative. Since then collaborations were a natural process and finally Tengri has produced a hopsack weave fabric exclusively for Huntsman, woven by Yorkshire-based R. Gledhill Ltd, a family business that has been spinning fine woollen yarns for more than 70 years.

This extremely limited-edition cloth is woven from their rare Khangai Noble Yarns®. These yarns are superior to those of any other yak fabric, and this extraordinary cloth is available in its unique undyed silver (especially rare) and natural colouring, as well as a bright new navy blue, developed especially for this fabric using an eco-friendly dyeing process.

Huntsman, the esteemed Savile Row tailor, has an extraordinary history that stretches back over 165 years. The house creates impeccable bespoke suiting for the most discerning clientele that includes nobility, royalty, statesmen and iconic Hollywood stars. Huntsman has always prided itself on its rich heritage and longstanding reputation as one of the best and yet innovative bespoke tailors on Savile Row.

Tengri is working to bring noble yak fibres to the forefront of the fashion and textile industries, helping to preserve natural landscapes, protect wildlife and support the nomadic herders’ way of life. Tengri has established and pioneered a ‘fairshare’ business model with co-operatives supporting over 1,500 nomadic herder families in Mongolia, who are working with the brand to supply its hand-combed fibres from the indigenous and semi-wild Khangai yak species.

Huntsman will offer clients the chance to own bespoke pieces, made in this new Tengri cloth. The rarity of Khangai Noble Yarns – on average, just 100 grammes of fibres can be hand-combed from each yak once a year – means this cloth is extremely limited in availability, with only 60 metres produced. 

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