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Measure the softness of textiles the Lenzing way!

Measure the softness of textiles the Lenzing way!

Lenzing has got together with the German instrument manufacturer, Emtec Electronic and have just revealed  a new method for measuring softness in textiles.

The test showed that MicroModal is the softest fibre of all the fibres tested, according to Lenzing. But the growing demand from the customers and their ask regarding fabric softness has made Lenzing arrive at this juncture with a softness parameter.

To explain the complex process of softness in textiles and at the same time exclude personal preferences, physical measurement methods were developed to make softness “visible”, the company reports. Fashion-conscious consumers have changed their purchasing behaviour, shifting their focus from prioritising just the look itself to comfort, Lenzing reports. The softness of the textile, therefore, is an important parameter for comfortable clothing. How people perceive softness is, however, something that differs from person to person and is determined by how the textile and the skin interact.

Tests were then performed together with Emtec Electronic to prepare a suitable algorithm for the device software which determines softness using a Sound-Spectrum.

According to Lenzing, using the softness measuring device from Emtec Electronic and the well-known ring method, the company established that the higher the amount of Lenzing Modal used in the textile, the softer it becomes. 

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