MEDICAL TERRY PANTYHOSE : Enabled with smooth control systems

MEDICAL TERRY PANTYHOSE : Enabled with smooth control systems

Busi MEDICAL TERRY PANTYHOSE is a high-production single-cylinder sock machine with latch needles in the dial for the production of true rib, plain stitch or terry medical compression socks and stockings in Compression Classes 1, 2 and 3.

The machine is equipped with full electronic control. The machine features two feeds, for plain and rib fabric, as well as for laid-in elastic fabric. The compression graduation is achieved both through the automatic stiffening that can be activated on all step motors and through the graduation of the covered elastic yarn feed.The machine is equipped with a terry device for the production of the sandwich terry that enables a fully automatic switching from plain stitch to half terry and to full terry.

This machine is connected toRIMAGLIO. This automated device is situated at the side of the knitting machine. It downloads the sock from the machine, after completion of the knitting operation, and it transfers the sock to the linking device, where it is sewn loop by loop.

The sock is turned inside out, so that the linking remains on the inside of the sock, resulting in a perfect traditional-looking linking. After being sewn, the sock, already reversed to the right side, is removed from the machine and is ready for the next boarding operation

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