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New 'Mood Store' at Jabong

Numerous online fashion portals are opening up on a yearly basis. Customers find it easier to shop online from the comfort of their home and are being offered a large variety of choices when it comes to buying clothes and accessories online.  Jabong has come up with a new innovative way for you to make a good choice and save time instead of wasting hours pairing clothes.

The Jabong Mood Store is a comprehensive online solution that allows the entire look to be shopped together, rather than buying different clothes and accessories separately and then pairing them.


The 'Mood Store' marketing campaign which is urban, chic and fun, features day-to-day fashion that is easily wearable. This will be in contrast with the typical industry trend of showcasing outlandish, runway fashion that the shoppers cannot find anywhere to buy.

Shoppers can also choose the look based on the occasion and within their preferred price points.

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