New product launch by DeModa

DeModa, a leading luxury nightwear and lingerie company, is launching its newest categories of nightwear – T-shirts, Nursing T-shirts and Maternity Pajamas.

Aimed at women of all age groups, these new products provide the best of comfort and quality. What's special about these products? DeModa ensures that each item is crafted to perfection and uses the best quality material. Maternity Pajamas and Nursing T-Shirts guarantee expectant and new mothers the ease and comfort they seek as they focus on their child.

Attractive designs for all DeModa products lets consumers stay in touch with the latest trends and style statements. Cool new prints ranging from floral to abstract and saucy messages on T-shirts enable women to unleash their elegant as well as fun sides.

DeModa's trendsetting and comfy T-shirts category boasts of a huge collection of glamorous and chic products for women of all age groups.


Maternity pajamas consists of a collection of pretty and cosy jammies that guarantee comfort in perhaps the most uncomfortable time during a pregnancy, whereas Nursing T-shirts provide ease of access and comfort while being uncompromising towards style and trend.

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