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Now give your weak muscles some relaxation with Superflex connected apparel

Now give your weak muscles some relaxation with Superflex connected apparel

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 With age comes a series of bodily problems and geriatric problems are the toughest to deal with and can sometimes make it too difficult to even handle basic everyday tasks owing to bodily difficulties.  Superflex, a startup spinoff of SRI International, is developing a concept through what it is calling “powered clothing.” This lightweight and connected apparel will be equipped with “electric muscles” to support the torso, hips, and legs while sitting and standing up. But they won’t just be functional — Superflex has now partnered with Yves Behar and his industrial design firm Fuseproject to make them fashionable and comfortable as well.

Powered clothing will function something like a subtle exoskeleton built to provide wearers with core support and strength to better perform activities of daily living (ADLs). In our youth, we take ADLs for granted. In old age, even the act of standing up can be a challenge. But Rich Mahoney, CEO of Superflex, stresses a distinction between exoskeleton and what his team at Superflex is developing.Mahoney says Superflex is attempting to position powered clothing a new category of robotics-integrated clothing.

The brand further clarifies that the within a couple of years the idea of wearing a underwear beneath your clothes which actually works like muscles will be a reality that Superflex will fulfil. The company aims to have its first consumer products released by mid-2018.


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