Only Vimal aquires US patent for DEO2 technology

Reliance Industries Ltd’s Only Vimal brand has received US patent for its DEO2 technology. RIL has announced that DEO2 has been granted a patent by the US government’s United Sates Patent & Trademark Office. The Indian government had in July 2015 granted patent to DEO2 technology. The US patent is a new inclusion for the.

The DEO2 process technology enables fabric to resist the settlement of micro-organisms keeping it off perspiration odour. RIL has developed DEO2 fabric processing technology that provides anti-microbial finish on fabric that arrest the growth of fungi and bacteria, keeping the fabric clean and fresh.

Vimal deo2 by relaince

RIL’s DEO2 process innovations allows it to process 100% Wool, 100% Rayon, 100% Polyester, Polyester/Viscose, Polyester/Wool and other combination fabrics with anti-microbial coating. RIL claims DEO2 coating provides protection from ill-effects of ultra violet rays emanated from sun rays.

RIL believes that focusing on domestic market will be a big positive for them, as India typically is known for warm and humid tropical environs which cause perspiration and provide the ideal condition for growth of bacterial and fungi on fabrics and garments. This technology is surely going to benefit the Indians in every way. 

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