Pack yourself a Sherry product!

Sherry has launched a new packaging for their innerwear garments (bras) and each box is available in two colors black and pink. The packaging is available in a combination format of frosted matt and glossy finish. Each product is printed on the packaging, showcasing a model wearing the product and the product is largely visible. The packaging has the brand Sherry's, signature logo and also has a chart that views the sizes available for that single product design so that every Indian consumer can avail for that perfect fit.  Each bra is individually wrapped and put into this well designed box.


The packaging also gives out knowledge on how to measure your bust size. It reads, "With your bra on, hold the tape measure firmly around the fullest part of your bust. This should be in inches.  Please round off all decimals to the closest higher value."


Every design by Sherry is available in a variety of colors which is displayed at the back of the packaging along with the products details. The back of the packaging reveals the products washing instructions such as follows.


We found the individual packaging to be a great idea for lingerie retailers who often deal who customers who wish to purchase “untouched” innerwear and it gives the item a great “grab & go” feel.

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