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PREMIÈRE VISION PARIS: A lively session towards growth

PREMIÈRE VISION PARIS: A lively session towards growth

Première Vision Paris closed the February 2017 session dedicated to spring 18 collections with a 2.3% increase in visitors over February 2016, bringing the total number of visitors to 56,250. At 73% international, the show's visitorship, coming from 124 countries, is unique and unrivalled among upstream trade shows, characterised by its high quality and diversity in terms of:

 markets: ready-to-wear, leathergoods, fashion jewellery, shoes

 range: free-lance designers, international groups, small and mid-sized companies

positioning: luxury houses, medium and high-end fashion and accessories brands, major retail brands

In a complex and changing global context, this fine performance reflects not only the attractiveness and strength of Première Vision Paris, but also the effectiveness of its creative positioning, a strategic vector of differentiation and growth. The results of the Première Vision Barometer of creative industries for the first semester of 2016 attest to this.

Driven by its creative, selective offer, innovative and inspirational information, and enhanced efficiency - with repartitioned industry sectors and synergies between business activities - this last edition also owes its success to a particularly rich program of news and innovation, well appreciated by both visitors and exhibitors.

As a thought-leader and catalyst for the sector, Première Vision Paris has put in place initiatives to stimulate, inspire and inform the creative fashion industry. Experiences, information areas and cross-sector discussions helped showcase the mutually-complementary nature of the shows, for an optimised, more readable show visit.

The leading European quartet is evolving. French attendance remained stable compared to February 2016, despite the overlapping of the show with school vacations, while Italy - up 2.7% - moves up to become the second largest visitor ahead of the UK, which saw a slight decrease in visitor numbers. Similarly, Germany moves down a place - notably in response to the country's sharp decline in apparel consumption- surpassed by Turkey, which now moves into 5th place. Spain (+ 8%), Portugal (+ 6%) and the Netherlands (+ 9.5%) were all well represented, with higher attendances than in February 2016. "We welcomed many customers from all over Europe, and the United States too. The new customers found us thanks to the forums where our developments sparked their interest. It looks like the most important visitorship this season was international, making the show an important event for us," commenetd Daniele Tombini, textile consulting, Mario Cucchetti Tessuti (Première Vision Fabrics)


Despite a slight decrease in attendance compared to the February 2016 edition, due in particular to the overlap of the show with New York Fashion Week, the US retains its 7th place position in the ranking of visitor countries. Meantime, following uncertainties related to the country's volatile economic and political context, the number of Turkish visitors increased significantly(+ 4%), moving the country from 6th to 5th place. This resurgence in attendance was also seen among Asian countries, less concerned about security issues than they have been at the last two editions. Japan (+ 27% vs. Feb 16) jumped two places and now ranks 8th among visitors. China also saw a rise in visitors, as did South Korea (+ 19%). And lastly, Russia saw a surprising doubling of its visitors in one year. Does this indicate a coming new economic dynamism?

"Première Vision Paris is the most important show of our season. We always do a lot of business here. The first day is madness. We had queues outside the stand. In addition to our usual visitors, we had new American and Asian customers." Alex Marsal,international sales director, Liberty Fabrics (Première Vision Fabrics) mentioned. 

It should also be noted that in the mature economies, the show's European players had a 3.3% increase in its production in volume, while Asian professionals are down by -7.3%. Each season, Première Vision Paris provides unique fashion expertise and exclusive seasonal information and directions elaborated by the Première Vision fashion team, and presented across 11 forums, over nearly 5,000 m² of dedicated fashion areas.

At the latest edition of Première Vision Paris, held this past 7-9 Feb. 2017, spring summer 18 fashion directions found bright expression in the many forums and various fashion conferences.

A colourful, fresh and effervescent season playing with simplicity, enjoying the moment, and shrugging off fashion immediacy. A season darting between the real and the unreal, manipulating nature, dreaming of elsewhere, and full of innovative alternatives.

Spring summer 18 plays on transparency and a forthright physicality, expands incredible volumes, swirls with shine and sound, and draws on eco-friendly values to dream up a modern appeal - optimistic, playful, scientific and fantastic.

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