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Rahul Sikka denies 'Dixcy Scott eyeing Rs300 crore PE fundraising'

It was in the news that Dixcy Textiles Pvt. Ltd, the owner of the Dixcy Scott underwear brand is in the process of hiring investment bank Avendus Capital to advise it on the transaction as it was planning to raise about Rs300 crore from private equity investors.

Dixcy Textiles (formerly Prem Hosiery) has been a prominent name in the intimate apparel categoiry since 1982.  The firm is fully owned by the Sikka's.

As the news got out, we began exploring the authenticity of the matter and the fundraising nitty gritties. While the news has been flashed mentioning that the revealers in this context have asked to remain anonymous. We directly reached out to Rahul Sikka, Director, Dixcy Textiles Pvt. Ltd.

He has completely denied the fact and have firmly assured us that the outlet or the news in every way is a big speculation. The same holds no truth. When prodded with a few more questions, he clearly justified that in case they eye such a move they will let the word out without hesitation but as of now, publicising a speculation will only mean walking on a false path.



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