Tata Group's retail store chain Trent plans to launch its new fast fashion brand 

Till now Tata Group was running Zara's stores all across India, being Inditex's SA partner. But now, the country's biggest multinational conglomerate is building its own fast fashion brand under Trent, alike Zara but at half the price.

Trent Ltd has already started tuning its local supply chain to deliver runway styles to consumers just within 12 days, following the similar timeline as the spanish fast fashion retailer, Zara.

Trent also plans to open 40 more stores of its flagship Westside chain and hundreds of outlets of its first exclusive brand Zudio every year, across India as mentioned by Noel Tata.

The brand wishes to reach trend-conscious and globalized consumer population with low average income, that Zara couldn't reach.

Trent, one of the India's largest and fastest growing retail store chain hopes to become ubiquitous across Asia through its quick and responsive supply chain as Zara is in the west.

According to the WEF report, less than a quarter of Indian households had annual incomes of $8500 or more in 2018, putting brands such as Zara or H&M beyond the reach of most consumers. To bridge this gap, trent's lower prices are a perfect fit.

But Trent also has various challenges to face such as finding space in traditional high streets for new stores in India's chaotic and congested cities, stiff competition from other local brands providing western wear and traditional Indian styles at even lower prices and at the same time maintaining the latest trends at a quick pace.

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