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Technorama has a bouquet of latest innovation to support bulk production

Technorama has a bouquet of latest innovation to support bulk production

Tecnorama, Italian machinery firm that develops automatic machinery for dissolving and dispensing of liquid/solid dyestuffs and chemicals for laboratory and bulk production, has just announced their latest solutions for laboratory automation, Dos&Dye Compact and Shakerama.

Dos&Dye Compact is a completely automatic system for managing and performing laboratory dyeing tests, for the creation of samples and relative recipes for use in production. It is composed by a Dosorama dispensing machine and a Dyrama robotised dying machine. The system is able to work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the assistance of the laboratory operator, and represent a cutting-edge solution.

The new patented Shakerama is a laboratory dyeing machine devised to form part of the Dos&Dye Compact system that reproduces the working conditions of the standard I-R laboratory machines. Shakerama, composed by several groups of 4 kiers each, is able to perform any kind of dyeing, with the addition of the automatic dosing and sample loading, providing a continuous work autonomy to the modern laboratories. It is particularly suitable for dyeing knitwear and fabric made of all type fibres: natural, artificial, and synthetic ones.

The name Shakerama means the system chosen to “shake” the liquor and move the textile material, to ensure uniform dyeing processes, with liquor ratios as low as 1:5.

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