Teijin Exhibits superior material elk at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics

Teijin Limited had participated in Interfiliere Shanghai, a leading international innerwear materials trade fair being held at Shanghai Exhibition Center on October 12 and 13. Teijin showcased elk, a lightweight, durable and breathable material that serves as an excellent substitute for polyurethane in a range of cushioning applications.

Teijin introduced various elk applications, including lingerie, sports brassieres and laminated sheets. Teijin’s elk is environmentally friendly because it is flame-retardant and does not generate cyanogen gas when incinerated.

By participating in Interfiliere Shanghai, Teijin gained an increased recognition for elk and the company’s other high-performance polyester materials as it steadily develops its solutions-oriented global market.

The annual Interfiliere Shanghai fair showcased high-quality lingerie, sportswear and beachwear items and materials. Last year, the event attracted over 7,000 visitors from some 40 countries in different regions including the US, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Over the last few months the company has also participated in Interfiliere too exhibiting their other innovative materials including : ‐ SOLOTEX, a shape-retaining and stretchable polytrimethylene terephthalate fiber.
‐ DELTAPEAK, a next-generation polyester fabric that combines excellent physical properties with high levels of functionality and quality that are ideal for sports apparel.

Nantong Teijin also attended in its 14th year, to showcase eco-friendly materials including recycling polyester fiber, partially bio-delivered materials, and newly developed materials using ECO CIRCLE. The stand also presented MICROFT fabric and other solutions for fashionable wear, uniform, and knitted materials.

‐ ECO CIRCLE, the world’s first closed-loop polyester recycling system, was developed by the Teijin group.
‐ MICROFT is a moisture-permeable, water-repellent fabric made with high-performance microfiber.



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