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Terrot exhibited Advanced Double Electronic Jacquard at ITMA ASIA 2016

Terrot exhibited Advanced Double Electronic Jacquard at ITMA ASIA 2016

On 21 October the doors of ITMA ASIA+CITME, China’s most important trade fair for textile industry, was opened to present latest textile trends and machinery for textile production. Terrot Group, manufacturer of circular knitting machines exhibited, showcasing two machine models of the brands Terrot and Pilotelli. Terrot’s circular knitting machines are produced at the site of Chemnitz, Germany whereas Pilotelli’s are made in Italy.

Terrot Machines for Special Applications presented at the do was-

Advanced Double Jersey Jacquards with UCC548E


With its machine range Terrot offers the means to produce a large variety of knitted fabrics for several applications, from underwear, sportswear to outerwear. Among the latest models are the Double-Electronic Jacquard UCC548E2 (2-way technique) and UCC548E3 (3-way technique) with electronic needle selection both in dial and cylinder. It masters high gauges up to E28, which allows various pattern styles on both sides of one fabric. Rapid pattern changes are easily processed via direct pattern data upload and changeover time is reduced.


Exhibition model UCC548E3:

Diameter: 30”

Number of feeders: 48

Gauge: E22

Needle selection: Piezo needle selection in 3-Way technique in cylinder, Piezo needle selection in    2-Way technique in dial

 Knitting structure: double electronic jacquard

 Fabric Application: sportswear, leisure wear, underwear, fashion outerwear, technical textiles

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