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Textile ministry gifts the Indian weavers a mobile app 'E-Dhaga'

Textile ministry gifts the Indian weavers a mobile app 'E-Dhaga'

National Handloom Development Corporation (NHDC)  has developed a mobile application called ‘E Dhaga’ to let weavers know about the availability of raw material or delays in supply. This was recently launched by the Union textiles minister Smriti Irani and its benefits were unveiled to the weavers. Currently available in Hindi, English and Telugu, the app will soon be released in Bengali, Oriya, Urdu and Assamese.

The application has been designed to address weavers’ issues pertaining to raw material availability, supply delays as well as stock availability. Emphasising on the need to encourage weavers to use the application, textiles secretary Rashmi Verma said that it will be an useful tool for transacting with NHDC.

Weavers can also know the status of shipments of the dispatched raw materials with the help of the application. NHDC has also begun accepting payments through digital modes and it will place its last three months yarn procurement of societies in the public domain. 

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