The 5th edition of Première Vision Istanbul created a dynamic business platform

The 5th edition of Première Vision Istanbul created a dynamic business platform

After successive collaborations with Arzu Kaprol for the October 2015 show, and Bora Aksu for the March 2016 show, Première Vision Istanbul had chosen renowned fashion designer Zeynep Tosun as Brand Ambassador for the October 2016 show. “I’m very proud and happy to be selected as the new brand ambassador of Première Vision Istanbul. I think these collaborations with fashion designers are a very positive direction, putting a precious value on our sector,” explained Zeynep Tosun just before the show was to roll out to a start.

Zeynep Tosun designed the exclusive hostess outfits using fabrics provided by Yılmazipek. "This exciting project evokes a dynamic blue colour and a wave in the pleats," specified the Première Vision Istanbul Brand Ambassador.

The 5th edition of Première Vision Istanbul created a dynamic business platform

What was on offer

111 international exhibitors presented their collections and developments for the autumn winter 17/18 season at Première Vision Istanbul, coming from nine countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey and the USA, a broad offer to create fashion collections: yarns, fabrics, accessories, denim, and manufacturing.

"In a perturbed international geopolitical context, we are determined to continue our investments in this country, one we see as a major player in the fashion industry. The Turkish economy is strong and will continue to play a major role on the world stage. "said Guglielmo Olearo, Première Vision International Show's Director.

The autumn winter 17/18 season highlights as selected by Premiere Vision from the collections were presented by Premiere Vision Istanbul exhibitors as a part of the show.

The highlights for A/W 17/18  were: A warm and cosy season that calls on fantasy including jackets and coats, in chic or casual versions. Suppleness enhanced, with a nonchalant edge for soft, enrobing shapes, and clothes with a casual fluidity. The sports spirit is gaining ground and mixes athletic and urban influences. Elasticity as a developing factor  in menswear and womenswear. Accessories and components to lend a final touch to the garment through a graphic detail or a perfect finishing.

A stop at the Trend forum revealed all the new A/W 17/18  products selected by the Première Vision fashion team from the exhibitors’ collections.

The 5th edition of Première Vision Istanbul created a dynamic business platform

The Première Vision colour card

The colour card was another unique take away of the show. Discovering  the fashion directions and colour, textile and silhouette highlights of the autumn winter 17/18 season in the Colour Range document available at the point of sale located in the forum at the show was certainly an experience of a different sort.

A small-scale, intimate session was also held daily at 11 am and 3 pm by the exhibitors, where the Première Vision fashion team provided an overview of the AW 17/18 fashion tools..

The 5th edition of Première Vision Istanbul created a dynamic business platform


The show took us back to our past with EMR zip museum. 26 different zippers whereon display,  the oldest one being some 80-90 years old.

"This profession and the miracle invention “zipper” that I have devoted almost all of my life to deserve such a story. I have never forgotten that my profession is not just trade or industry but true art. This masterpiece product, while taking part in the midst of human life also protects children from the cold, beautifies dresses and makes our lives easier. It is valuable because it adds value to life. I expect this museum, which I created by collecting thorough detailed research from many different countries over decades, whispers the story of the zipper to people and reminds them of the changes of life. A very long story that begins with one marvellous invention and burgeons with every new-born. Just like yours," commented Omer OZPEHLİVAN, General Manager of EMR Zipper and founder of the zipper museum.

Satab Ribbon Square: exclusive Première Vision wristband

SATAB has been creating, weaving and knitting ribbons, braids, piping, cords, straps and other stiff or elastic narrow textile items for over 100 years. With the emphasis on combining products boasting modern and traditional expertise, the SATAB innovation laboratory works on permanent or seasonal collections as well as your bespoke requirements. With over 45,000 product references and a fully French in-house production, SATAB is today’s number-one European ribbon manufacturer. SATAB, for the show created 2 exclusive wristbands using Zeynep Tosun designs.

The 5th edition of Première Vision Istanbul created a dynamic business platform

New: Hyères Festival Exhibition

Ever since 2011, Première Vision Paris has been a partner of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères, a natural pairing for two players so noted for their support of young designers. Première Vision lends its name to the Grand Prize awarded during the Fashion Competition of the celebrated festival.

The designer Wataru Tominaga has been awarded the 2016 Grand Jury Prize Première Vision. The designer views his collection as an alternative to lasting codes. He designs a new genre which might have been experienced by several communities in the past, motivating a form of alternative thought for a better life. For the first time at Première Vision Istanbul, the Première Vision Grand Jury Prize winner and the collection was on display at the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography!

Other notable exhibitors

Calik Denim’s D’enaissance Collection broke new ground Focusing on five key features – performance, functionality, aesthetic, sustainability, and feel – Calik Denim’s FW 17/18 collection unveiled a multitude of innovative new denim fabrics.

The Sapphire Group, one of the largest vertically integrated textile setups in Pakistan and known for Diamond Denim and its superior quality was certainly a brand to look out for at the exhibition.

Polyteks showcased its new, technical Hollow Fibre Yarn this season. The same provides sound insulation and tenacity without adding bulk or weight, the new Hollow Fibre Yarn by Polyteks is that perfect fit to high-performance activewear and outdoor gear that are to be constructed with new technical ability. Fabrics woven from Hollow Fibre Yarn help maintain a consistent body temperature by transferring heat and sweat through the hollow part of the fibre.

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