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The Head Honchos of Indian Intimate Industry

The Head Honchos of Indian Intimate Industry

Heading a business set up or company from the front requires masterminds. The men or women at the helm need to hold on to their wisdom and be focused on witnessing the far-sighted view. They are to know, be aware of what can change or what might just get right or wrong in the coming days. It is their experience added with their thought quotient and their abilities to grasp the trends, that makes them steady on track and helps them in perfecting the right strategy for their companies.

These honchos dominate the business scene with their Excalibur and are ever ready to plunge in to challenge the ongoing decree. However, these men and women have proved themselves beyond doubt in all spheres of life including the most intricate and cumbersome world of entrepreneurship in addition to pressures of balancing work, home and family. They never gave in or gave up, and carried on to build valuable companies while also giving back to society.These honchos are ever ready to swim against the tide to become success stories. And their success is worth celebrating. Let’s meet such Indian personalities who can be easily termed as role models for every Indian in the lingerie industry.


First off this series is Mr. Vivek Mehta – CEO MAS Brands India, 18+ years of Global leadership experience in consumer goods, fashion & retail Industry.
He led the successful launch of Callaway Golf in India and overall responsibility for Callaway India’s strategic direction, operations and financial results.
He also held responsible positions at Callaway Golf, Whirlpool Corporation & i2Technologies in international markets. He has more than 5 years of management consulting experience in Retail & Consumer Goods


Tell us a little bit about yourself? Your journey as a successful professional begins from a crisp personal and educational background. Tell us a little in brief about yourself by throwing light into these lesser known arenas.

I am a product of INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (IIT), Delhi, India

B Tech – Mechanical Engineering, 1995 post which did my MBA at



On Building a Global Enterprise, in 2016 and a programme at the STANFORD – GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, CA USA on Leadership - Executive Education programme, 2008.

Holding on to the decision making the position as a part of the lingerie industry and defining brand performances and trajectory for years now. How has it been manning the show for brands?

It has been a great journey leading a brand like Amante. You need to know where to steer the brand for success, taking everybody along. There are a lot of opportunities for every segment, but to me, the trick is in knowing where the focus should be for maximum gains. Brands are like a family and people management is another area where it can make or break the business objectives. I believe in nurturing the family and taking everybody along.

Tell us a little about the story of your career and how did it all happen to push your further ahead as an important name within the lingerie industry?

  • I have been in consumer goods industry all along,but I had the advantage of getting global exposure working across several countries and 12 years in the US before coming back to India.
  • Worked as a consultant early on gave me opportunity to work with top consumer brands in the world

What is your greatest achievement?

  • Driving hyper growth in Amante and making it one of the most aspirational brands in the industry

what do you consider your biggest failure?

  • I don’t really look back and experiences as failures. There have been learnings along the way but don’t have any regrets as such

What are your hobbies?

I love playing golf. In my free time over the weekend I love to tee off at a golf course, and other times spend time with family.

What motivates you? How do you generate new ideas?

  • I like to talk to people across levels. I believe the best ideas and insights come from people who work on the ground level. I enjoy talking to them brainstorming new ideas with them.

Looking back do you see yourself regretting any decision or feeling bad for some decision or thought from your past?

I don’t believe in regrets as feeling. I own all my successes and failures as part of my journey and do believe that every result adds to your experience.

You are confident about.......

  • About myself and my ability to make and sustain Amante as the market leader 

What does a typical day in your life look like?

  • I like to start my day with a quick run or some time at the Gym. Typically I am at work before 9 am. As I mentioned I enjoy working closely with my team during the day. It is typical to have a few hours meeting both external and internal folks. I am back home at 7:30 pm. All time after that goes in playing with the kids and hanging out with the family
  • Do you tag yourself as a workaholic? Or do you always love to maintain a fair balance between work and family?
  • I believe in work-life balance, and even at my workplace encourage my team to follow this principle. The family is what keeps you grounded and makes your achievements worthwhile.
  • If you could turn the time, what would you love to do in regards to your professional career?
  • Nothing really. I have quite enjoyed my journey and seen the world through my different assignments. I am glad to have got the opportunities and to have made choices which my family can be proud of. 
  • What hurdles did you encounter in claiming such a refined and clear position for yourself?
  • To be very honest, I consider myself very lucky and fortunate for having a fairly smooth journey. I have enjoyed the highs and the lows which I believe are always part of your life both personal and professional
  • How many hours do you work a day on average?
  • As a CEO I don’t count the no of hours, but by the difference, we make every day to the brand and its people. I would like to go back and count every day to have a sense of accomplishment.
  • Entering the intimate world what kind of support did you anticipate to gather? was there a definite plan or things clicked open?
  • Honestly, this was the biggest risk I have taken as an Industry choice. From consulting, to consumer durables to golf, lingerie didn’t seem like a natural progression. What attracted me to this category is the huge opportunity, the consumer base, and the nascent stage every brand is in. I am glad to say I have enjoyed being part of the consumer change, and the challenges this category has thrown. We have more than doubled our revenues in 2 years, and it’s a journey I am proud of.
  • Any dream position or dream job that you want to grab on in the time to come?
  • I feel that I already am in my dream job. I obviously plan to exponentially grow the business in the future years.



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