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Ribest ribbons and bows India Pvt. Ltd. was formed in the year 2014 and is a subsidiary company of yama ribbons and bows china formed in the year 1999.Ribest has a factory in china well maintained with 200+ Staff strength,  25,000 sqm plant with a daily Ribbons and Bows output expanding upto 2 Million pcs.

The Ribest factory in vizag is also utilised for manufacturing  of bows. It’s the first in the world to have an organized factory set up completely dedicated to the manufacturing of bows.

Bows & Ribbons

The Ribest Indian factory is  set up at sez area located in Atchutapuram Mandal, Visakhapatnam brandix park, which employs people from the rural areas, who are then trained and offered a better employment and a better life. The set up at present has more than 1000 staff,  with 3,500 sqm build up area and a daily output of Ribbon & Bows numbering to 2 million pcs.

At Ribest, we believe in women empowerment and have appointed more female staff in the production unit. The company has been growing steadily in India and have established an office cum showroom in Mumbai in the year 2015, and this year they have started their ribbon business in India under the name of Yama ribbons and bows India pvt ltd. wherein they would be importing from their own factories in china and selling them in India and Srilanka.

As a group Yama has been ranked the world number one in the ribbon and bow business. The directors Mr. Tony and the Indian director Mr. Lin Jun has a vision of systematically developing  the ribbon and bows industry in India. The company believes in the concept “ make in India” and so are in the planning stage for establishing their own ribbon factory in India in the coming years.



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