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The world first automatic foam cup moulding  machine launched in India

The world first automatic foam cup moulding  machine launched in India

Foam Cup moulding is going through a sea change with more and more sophisticated machines launching recently. The process of foam cup moulding though has been around for the last 30 years but it is only recently that several developments have taken place in the field of foam technology along with techniques to mould them effectively and cost efficiently. Shan Zheng Machine is an enterprise specializing in equipments for bra cups since the last decade or so.. Since its foundation, the company has continuously developed new products based onthe business philosophy of "people-oriented, technology innovation”, thus provide reliable equipments for the underwear bra industry.
      Recently they have unveiled a fully automatic foam cup moulding machine at a recently held lingerie trade show in China. This is the first patented product by this company which has shook the lingerie industry. Faster down times, the machines is able to produce twice the no of foam cups that you could by the traditional manual process. The feeding arm is fully pneumatic and the baffle tray can hold from 50 to 80 sheets foam for moulding. This machine is quite precise in its placement and the heating is fully computerised and there is no chance of human error. Besides it eliminates the need of a cutter machine which is an additional attachment to the cup moulding.
The fully enclosed machine ensures dust free and pollution free cup moulding thus being fully compliant to industrial safety, pollution and noxious fumes due to the PU cup heating. Several machines can be handled by a single operator, so that eliminates the need to have several operators. 
Features :

This machine is mainly designed for moulding cups, fully automatically from feeding,
moulding, cutting, thus saves much cost and increase productivity and quality stability.

• Automatic feeding, 50-80 pcs cutting piece each time 
• Automatic moulding, with anti-wrinkle function 
• Automatic cutting edges, totally no need for hand-cutting, thus saves a work procedure.
• Automatic unloading, inspect packages after a product comes out, thus saves a lot of middle procedure, effectively make use of each second 
• Intellectual design, easy operation


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