V Star- The New Body Language Of Men

V Star redefined the benchmark for excellence in the world of fashion. With its stylish and youthful spread of fashion and lifestyle products, V Star is now one of the leading innerwear and lifestyle brands in both South India and the Middle East.

T-Shirts (Polo, V neck & Round neck) - V Star presents a range of T-shirts for men : Polo T shirts, V neck & Round neck. The Polo T-shirts are made from 100% premium cotton fabric. Trendy and smart fit, they can be worn as casual wear, leisurewear and sportswear . V Star polo   T shirts are available in a wide range of colours.
The solid round neck T-Shirts are made out of premium combed cotton, have good breathability, are hypoallergenic and therefore very comfortable for people with hyper-sensitive skin. The Ribbed v-neck prevents sagging, can be worn as leisure wear, casual wear and sportswear. The t -shirts are available in attractive colours.

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