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V-star presents a stylish range of readymade blouses

For women cued in to the ever-changing trends in the world of fashion and like to flaunt themselves in comfort and style, V-Star presents an amazing range of readymade blouses: Comfy Blouse

In an era where everything from cash to cabs is available in an instant, why should women wait for weeks for a blouse to get stitched!  V Star's Comfy Blouse is thus filling a need gap in the market. No more running around in search of a tailor made blouse and no more waiting! Your blouse is ready, when you want it and where you want it!

V-Star's Comfy Blouse is made from the most comfortable stretchable material and thanks to its spandex content .


Having a close neck back, a relaxed scoop front neck and three-quarter sleeves, this readymade top adds glamour and gives a stylish twist to traditional wear like sarees.A new  Style with key hole back neck back is also available. Comfy Blouse also can be paired with the new-gen choices of attire like modern jackets, fashion outfits and high waist bottoms.


Since Comfy Blouse stretches as per the user's body shape, it always will gives a snug fit. A 'magic blouse' in every sense, Comfy Blouse is an ideal fit for women while attending functions like weddings. Presented in 2 models, 4 sizes and a variety of shades, V-Star Comfy Blouses are available in all V-Star EBOs and Concept Stores along with other textile outlets.

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