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Yoga Democracy introduces recycled nylon to its product line

Yoga Democracy, a manufacturer of women's yoga apparel, has introduced recycled nylon made from fishing nets to the company’s product line-up, which includes leggings, sports tops and shorts. Now, the company says, it is the first US manufacturer to introduce this Eco Tech Fabric into the yoga wear space.

The company explained their initiative and mentioned that the fashion industry's take-up has been slow reflecting the high costs for sustainable nylon alternatives and technological challenges faced in converting material back into nylon 6 yarn for use in textiles.

Owing to the rise in athleisure consumption in US, Yoga Democracy believes that the switch to recycled synthetic fibres would have a major impact on the industry's environmental footprint.  For every 10,000 tons of regenerated material 70,000 barrels of oil are conserved. Yoga Democracy, with its direct to the consumer retail model and in-house sewing production, aims to make sustainable techno fabrics accessible to the average consumer quite easily and effectively. 

Yoga Democracy uses two different types of recycled nylon, both made with Econyl yarn from recycled material and produced by Italy-based Aquafil Group.

The company says it is committed to making recycled nylon a core part of its line-up, alongside recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, which makes up the bulk of the fabric it uses in production. All its recycled polyester is hand-dyed using a zero-water, low energy sublimation process at the Yoga Democracy workshop in Cave Creek, AZ.

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